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2Pcs/set Ben Wa Ball Vaginal Tight Kegel Ball

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Product Description:

While Kegel exercisers are not specifically made with the intention of bringing sexual pleasure, it’s a nice extra benefit and some people find the side effects rather pleasant. More satisfying sex and toned muscles are yours for the asking with the kegel balls. Break yourself in gently beginning with the single Kegel ball and gradually work your way up to the — not for beginners — advanced double toner balls which help you develop better orgasm control and greater intensity. Ideal to get you revved up post-pregnancy too.

Your workout should begin with the kegel balls. At a weight of 39g and holding a free-roaming ball deep within its core, this silky silicone ball is no lightweight when it comes to either Kegel workouts or inconspicuous, yet intensely pleasurable stimulation. All you have to do is insert and then squeeze the muscles surrounding the ball to hold it in place for a successful and enjoyable Kegel workout.

Once you feel that you’ve accomplished all you can with the first step, it’s time to move on to the next stage with the duo of kegel balls. These silicone  balls make for an amazingly satisfying intermediate level workout. You will soon find that you have even tighter muscles just where it counts the most to give you greater control over your orgasms, and he’ll be surprised at what you can do for his! Just coat with lots of water-based lubricant for extra slippery, slithery pleasure.

Key Features

1. Single and double Kegel balls for tightening and strengthening pelvic floor
2. Balls made from silicone also hold free-roaming ball to provide increased stimulation
3. Retrieval cord for easy and simple removal

Material: Silicone

One Ball: Length-4.92in Width-1.18in

Two Balls: Length-6.49in Width-1.18in


One Ball: 35g

Two Balls: 72g

Color: Pink/Purple
Package Included: 2Pcs/Set

Additional information

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