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Kegel Balls Tighten Aid Vaginal Pelvic Musles Exerciser

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Product Description:

The elegant product consists of 3 Kegel exercisers created from silky smooth silicone that is also waterproof. You may need to use a lubricant if you are normally on the dry side, but should that prove to be the case, use only one that is water-based. A lubricant with silicone will damage the kegel balls because they too are silicone. 

If you are a novice when it comes to Kegel exercises, you should never attempt to do everything in one setting. Instead, begin with 1 and then work your way slowly and carefully through the Kegel balls over a period of several weeks. Each of the Kegel balls is shaped and weighted differently, and it is important that you follow the instructions on how to begin your Kegel workout. This is essential because each exerciser helps to tone your pelvic floor to provide you with greater sensitivity to sexual stimulation and to give you the ultimate in orgasmic intensity.

Get into the habit of using it on a regular basis to finely tone your PC muscles so that with their improved strength you can experience orgasms that are easier to gain and more powerful too. Furthermore, with the Kegel balls hidden safely inside you, you’ll be secretly primed for action without anyone having to know the reason why.

Key Features

1. A complete 3 step silicone Kegel exercise system for an empowering pelvic floor workout for users of all levels
2. Primes pelvic muscles for longer, more intense orgasms and better control
3. Ergonomic retrieval loops for quick and easy removal

Material: Silicone
Size(from left to right):

Diameter: 1.18in/1.37in/1.25in

Length: Ring-3.34in


Weight(from left to right): 54g/40g/63g
Color: Pink/Purple
Package Included: 1 x Set of Kegel Balls

Additional information

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