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Unisex Dildos Female Wearing Leather Pants Penis


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Product Description:


This strap-on has been specially created for those who like to mix up with strap-on toys. This strap-on has been designed to fit comfortably without being overly complicated. Simply slide the soft and stretchy waistband over the hips, buckle the four snaps and you are ready to go. 
The strap-on isn’t only going to please the person who is being penetrated though. The vibrating action is located just below the penetrator which lines up with the wearer’s most sensitive outer spots. 
Included with this hollow strap-on, is a 4.8-inch silicone dildo that is sure to please. Simply slip the base of the dildo in behind the dildo slot of the strap-on, line the tabs up and you are ready to go! 
This dildo and strap-on are made from a hypoallergenic material (except for the waist and back band) and are easy to clean. Simply wash each piece with warm soapy water or a good toy cleaner before and after use. If you want to sterilize your toys, these can be cleaned in either boiling water or bleach. Ensure that the dildo and strap-on avoid contact with other silicone toys and products as well as silicone lube. Use water-based lubricants only. 

Key Features: 
-Length: 4.8 inches
-Material: Silicone
-Dildo can be used with or without the strap-on


Material: TPE+Silicone+PU Leather
Size: 4.8in*1.33in
Weight: /
Color: Black
Package Included: 5 x Strap-On Dildos

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