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Petal Vagina Kegel Balls

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The Kegel exercisers ball is made from high grade silicone that is phthalate free,latex free, hypoallergenic,BPA free,and dioxin free.


Industry leading doctors helped design & develop the safest, most comfortable & effective vaginal weights and pelvic floor exercise program available

Doctor recommended kegel exercises strengthen pelvic floor muscles improving bladder control and overall better pelvic health

Usage and consumption:

1. Before using the product, available water or after bath gel disinfectant scrub and dry

2. The flat body, a gentle speed to put it in the vagina, if you find difficult, try to gently lift the pelvis after,Then put; (Apply a small amount of lubricant better)

3. Do not sit during use or to lie still; you can (eg: walking, shopping, dancing, etc.), as long as such – it will follow the movement together

4. After use, the available professional cleaning fluid or diluted alcohol (75%) cleansing and disinfection, dust bag collection, stored in a cool dry place.

Petal Vagina Kegel Balls Petal Vagina Kegel Balls Petal Vagina Kegel Balls Petal Vagina Kegel Balls

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