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Anal Douche 89ml/S

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Product Description:

Anal play is enjoyable provided it is clean, comfortable and hygienic. When these three factors are taken into account, you may have reasons to like this product. It is easy to use because of the squeezable and soft bulb. You should have this as a part of your overall essentials if you love anal sex. It can easily be douched and cleaned before anal sex fun. You will certainly love the lovely and fresh experience.
If you make use of a water based anal lube on the nozzle, you will find it easily gliding into the anus hole. It also has a tiny wiggle at the bottom for adjusting better the angle of the body. You also can get the best of douching because of the design features and the ease of cleaning that it offers. Cleaning can certainly happen within a matter of a few minutes and therefore you can get started without too much waste of time.
Key Features: Amongst the interesting features, you will love the anal douching features which are convenient and easy to use. Further the bulb is squeezable and it helps to suck in and also easily expel water for even better cleaning. Further, the narrow stem is beautifully contoured and this makes insertion easy and comfortable. The whole toy is made from quality PVC and comes with a finish that is non-slip. It can hold around 89 ml of water. You cannot miss this out as a part of your overall sex tools, especially if you love anal sex.

Material: Silicone+TPE

Length: Mouth-6cm Body-7.8cm Total-13.8cm

Width: Body-6cm

Weight/Capacity: 42g/89ml
Color: Blue/Black
Package Included: 1 x Anal Douche

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