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10pcs/set Adult Sex SM Toys Handcuffs Cuffs Strap Whip Rope Neck

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Product Description:


Want to turn your bedroom into a fantasy world with erotic playtime? Well, this bondage kit is perfect for the beginners who want to explore every possible fetish and fantasy to enjoy a bondage playtime. There is a lot of different accessories included in this kit such as feather tickler, a beaded whip, leather cuffs, satin love mask and a tail. Every item in this kit can help you to take the foreplay with your partner to a completely different level. You will be able to enjoy your ultimate fantasies and explore all that you need.



Material: PU Leather
Size Flirting Whip: 26cm

Collar: 55cm*4.5cm Traction Belt:97cm

Blindfold: 19cm*8cm

Flogger: 55cm

Hand Cuffs: 29cm*5.5cm

Bed Strap: 10m

Ball Gag: 65cm Mouth Ball: 3.5cm

Function: SM Restraint Set
Package Included: 1 x Set of SM Bondage Kit
Color:  Silver/Golden


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